We are honored to work with Project Samana


Project Samana

In 2019, Sophias Favorite took a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. While we dreamed of paradise and beaches (don't get me wrong, we got that, too) we did not expect to see such tragedy. While driving through the inner cities, we noticed they were littered with stray, unhealthy dogs. Our only thought for the remainder of the vacation was "We have to help". 

We met Lauren Barbo CVT, board member of Project Samana in fall of 2018, and we knew exactly who we needed to call. 

Project Samana is a non -profit veterinary and education outreach program. Using the “think globally, act locally” concept, they are working to improve both the well being of animals and the economic well being of the of the residents through the provision of veterinary care and education. They recruit veterinarians and veterinarian technicians and make trips over to the Dominican throughout the year to help as much as they can. These un-sung heroes deserve some recognition! Sophias Favorite is proud to be donating 10% of profits from our CBD products and apparel all 2019.

From Project Samana Website:

"At the present, Project Samana visits the northern pennisula of the Dominican Republic in June and in November.  In 2015, a smaller trip has been added in September.  Each time, volunteers operate a small animal mobile surgery unit, and others go into the field to provide care to farm animals.  Frequently, Project Samana arranges for Board Certified veterinary specialists lecture at UNPHU – a veterinary school located in Santo Domingo.  Volnteers for Project Mazunte visit the western coast of Mexico in January each year to spay and neuter local dogs in an effort to protect Riddley Turtle hatchlings.  They occasionally have the opportunity to work directly with turtles."